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Matthias Hoffmann

Beta Team
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Today 9:14 PM
Hi Guys.
Today I've need to cancel an flight because of several technical Problems and just want to inform you about what happened on this flight. So, the initial plan was to depart at EDDP at 19:00Z - which was a bit delayed, but not too much due to some delays in the Pre-Flight-Operations - our destination was LROP and our alternate LBSF. As we are started departing at EDDP 26L at 19:20Z we had some warnings, that the engines aren't working properly, so we rejected the takeoff and we waited on Taxiway S4 for the brakes to cool down, as they were really hot (the peak was at 470°C). At about 20:30Z we had noticed a big noise and seen on the upper ecam, that the orange warning "Speed Brakes" appears and disappears (so it was flashing)... After round about 10 Minutes for searching this problem we found out, that somehow the thrust reversers were activated and the Thrust Levers were still in normal Idle Position. As we moved the Thrust Reversers to Idle Reverse Thrust and moved it back to normal idle the problem disappeared. However this is a major problem and we decided to make an emergency shutdown of the engines and evacuate the plane on Taxiway S4, to avoid having further probably more dangerous problems while taxiing to a gate.

Flight will be done again tomorrow when the technicians have looked over the plane...
I hope you'll have a better flight next time. When we got to the maintenance hangar to check out the crew they were climbing up the ceiling and eating bananas. We're now hiring elephants instead of monkeys. Let's see if that works... ;)
Hehe. Nice. Yeah. Today was a better flight... But with a bit of murphys law... I've flown more than 7.5hrs and had solved a few problems and then (short before the landing) my laptop starts stucking and finally it crashed... This is so unfortunately...
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