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Today 2:14 PM
Good afternoon. I use the XP-11 and XP-12. As a company standard I use Xacars. However, I am having continued problems with the program, missing flights in succession. Xacars, if there is any internet interruption, it stops recording the flight. In the last occurrence, after more than 3 hours of flight, between NZCH - YMHB, already in the short final, my internet was interrupted for a few seconds. At the end of the flight, when trying to transmit the PIREP, it returned the information that there was no recording.
Other VA's use programs (SimAcars-FsAcars-SmartAcars) that do not depend on the internet to record flight data, only for transmission. The question that remains is: what is the possibility of adopting another type of program for recording PIREP's?

Hi Francisco,

xACARS doesn't require an internet connection. Only the live acars function does.

You can fly completely without internet and still report your flights using xACARS.
It's not what happened to me. I missed 3 flights recently. But I'll do some tests with short flights and I'll post here again.
Thanks for your response.
Good afternoon. I tested a flight already starting without any internet connection. Enter data into xAcars manually. At the end of the flight, I restarted the internet and......voila, I transmitted the data without errors.
Now it's time to try to find out what's going on with the flights that xAcars refuses to transmit.
Thanks Christopher Bennett
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