The truth recorded by NASA

For those of us that only know a few Italian words(like me). This is what Google Translate makes of it:
The truth recorded by NASA

Messaggioda Aviators' yesterday, 18:31
The truth recorded by NASA

NASA has published on Soundcloud sounds recorded in history from satellites, from space probes and manned missions in space.

What sound does a rocket take-off, and what it would feel if we were in deep space and gives Saturn that sound? So far were unanswered questions, not anymore.
NASA has opened an account on Soundcloud you consiglo to visit and listen.

On the page are arranged in a list sorted and broken down by category of the most evocative sounds recorded by the ASI US in 56 years of history. Fans and visitors will find the conversations between the Earth and space shuttles that have taken place in the missions over the years, but also recorded sounds from distant satellites, such as those collected by the Cassini space probe or lightning on Jupiter recorded by Voyager.

In addition, do not miss some of the most famous words ever spoken, through which you will discover - for example - the Apollo 13 astronaut Jack Swigert did not say "Houston, we have a problem" as in fiction film by Ron Howard, but "Houston we had a problem. "

All clips can be downloaded, but first of all have to listen because they are living proof of what happens out there.

Audio Tracks NASA

A lot of these sentences can be heard as samples in various ambient and trance songs. The "God Speed", some Kennedy speeches, various moon landing sentences etc. .

Sadly there's no sound in space itself(because there's no air), unless it's a StarWars movie.

Ps. those few Italian words I know are mostly food related... :lol:
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