EMB-110 inofficial livery

Jesco Freund

Beta Team
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Today, 04:32
Since doing the A330-200 livery seems getting a bigger job, I meanwhile created a livery for DreamFoil's Embraer EMB-110 "Bandeirante" (not part of the official Air-Child fleet, but a decent twin engine turboprop for regional flights). Since the fuselage offers significantly less surface than it does with bigger aircrafts (Boeing, Airbus, etc), I simplified the livery design to something fitting better for a small aircraft.

You may find some screenshots here: https://goo.gl/photos/TpFnQKXrsZtHnjME8

The aircraft doesn't have a name yet - if you'd like to suggest one, feel free!

The livery is ~50MiB; I haven't uploaded it yet anywhere (don't want to make it too public since it uses Air Child's colors and logo). If you'd like to have it, just pm me and we'll find a way of sharing it.
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Today, 03:32
Good Job!!!

Pierre :clap:
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