X-Scenery Mitsubishi MU-2 inofficial livery

Jesco Freund

Beta Team
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Today, 04:56
While waiting for IXEG's 737-300, I painted another small turboprop we don't have officially in our fleet, but is quite nice for FSEconomy operation: the X-Scenery Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise, a model developed by the very same Tom Kyler who's today IXEGs chief programmer (though the MU-2 dates back from 2009, whith updates all along the years).

There are some known bugs with this aircraft on recent X-Plane versions (brakes and transponder have some bugs), but they're addressed, and Tom promised fixing these once the 733 is released.

Please note that this time, the livery is only at 1k resolution - well, back in 2009 that would have ripped your fps nonetheless... :p

As usual, I uploaded some screenshots:


The livery can be downloaded here:


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Today, 04:56
Hi Jesco,
nice painting. Hartmut Krüger who did a lot of paintings for fairchild did also one for the MU-2 which is indeed a very nice plane for x-plane. I cannot find this livery on my computer cause I stopped flying with xplane. Maybe someone still have this livery.
Cheers Tom
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