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Today, 16:57

Its been a while since I last flew for this Airline, and with Flight Simulator in general, since I constantly was pleagued with OOM's. Now, that P3Dv4 has arrived in 64bit - things have changed and I'd like to fly for this Airline again, however - I sent a support email to memebers at about a week ago, and neither got a replay nor was my account reactivated.

Not a good start for a new start.....

So Please, if anyone who is interrested in keeping this Airline afloat is reading this, and has the power to reactivate accounts, it would be nice if this would work a little faster....

kind regards
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Today, 18:57
Hi Christopher !
I am afraid that you dont receive my Mails.
Could you please reactivate also my Account !


Christopher Bennett

Beta Team
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Today, 17:57
Hello Markus,

Sorry for the delay in answering. Night Shift is a killer these days

Yeah for some reason I have not gotten your email. Re-activated. Welcome back.
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