New X-Plane 11 - what do I need?

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Today, 04:13
Hey everybody,

after nearly of 2 years of absence to flight simulation (I realy had any time), I wanted to get my FS 9 or FS X working again. But I failed :shock: :think: :evil: .

Now I am trying X-Plane 11, which I freshly installed yesterday. It really looks fine. My question for you is, what do I need to get online and / or to log my flights to ACH. Can anybody help?
Is there any must have's, like addon's or any liberies, something like FSUIPC or whatever.
Be aware, I can fly, but I am not a programmer :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks for your help

Jesco Freund

Beta Team
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Today, 05:13
You will need XACARS available here:
Just download the X-Plane version, unzip and place it into your resources\plugins folder (in X-Plane, everything is installed by unzipping and placing in the subfolders).

I also can highly recommend to get the Zibo Mod for the default Boeing 737-800, and the corresponding Audiobird soundpack. All is available for free, but it adds greatly to the immersion when flying the B738. Download and instructions here:

If you're flying in the US, I can also recommend having a look at Forkboy's Ortho overlays: - they're visually great, and represent the terrain quite well, including cities, road networks, buildings, ... and all that for free.

Generally I recommend familiarizing with, a big community providing help and support, and tons of free downloads (aircraft models, scenery, libraries, plugins, ...)

Once accomplished, you can start having a look at payware. For X-Plane, there are quite a few good airliners out there, but they're mostly payware. Most notably:
  • ToLiSs A319
  • Flight Factor A320
  • IXEG Boeing 737-300
  • Flight Factor Boeing 757

I just listed models being fully compatible with X-Plane 11 and being represented in the ACH fleet.
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Today, 04:13
Hey Jesco,

thanks for your Information about X-Plane!

In the next 2 to 3 weeks I will check this stuff out. I won't be faster cause I will be on easter vacation.
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Today, 04:13
After 2 years of hiatus in Air Child after moving countries (I'm an Austrian now!) I've noticed the x-plane situation has improved greatly for air child pilots. There's now some excellent freeware sceneries for our hubs too, like EDDK:
A new LOWW:
Even DGAA:

I'm beginning to work again on some repaints for planes that I own. Would there be interest in "interim" repaints until the new branding is decided (mostly white planes with simple air-child decals, similar to when an aircraft is leased or newly aquired by an airline)? I could release those fairly quickly.

Christopher Bennett

Beta Team
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Today, 05:13
Hello Tom,

what an interesting Idea about the interim paints. I would love to see some of that work.
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Today, 04:13
I've just updated the zibo 737 thread with a more permanent link, my next projects will be the SSG E195 and E170 (both not technically part of the fleet, but are good substitutes for the e190/fokker-100 and ATR72/dash8-q400 respectively :)
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Today, 06:13
Hi people, I'm coming back from the hell..., trying, anyway...
I'm building my X-Plane configuration again (v 11.34)...
I can't find XAcars and XPassenger doesn't work. Where can I find XAcars?
Is Tom still here? I do not have any ACH-liveries for my GA's. Does "X-Plane secrets" still exist?
Do we have a good working F100 (Fokker 100)?
Thanks for your attention,
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