XP11 FlightFactor A350-900

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Today, 21:57
Hi guys! I was revisiting my A350 livery that I made almost 2 years ago, and have improved it a little bit.

As another idea for our liveries, I asked some children to draw me a picture of what they see as their ideal holiday, and this livery includes one of those drawings!

Some preview shots, still a WIP:

As always, I'm looking for lots of feedback (still learning to use GIMP and Photoshop). What do you guys think?


Christopher Bennett

Beta Team
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Today, 22:57
Very nice work. Didn't get to adding the 738 and 739 yesterday but will get to it today.

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Barthe Hogenboom

Beta Team
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Today, 23:57
Wow, very nice paints. The children's drawing is also nice. The drawing might be a bit hard to standardize for the default paint though. It might not fit on smaller aircraft etc. But maybe those could get a smaller drawing.

I really like the A350. With its sinister black 'sunglasses'. Funny how Airbus and Boeing(787) came so close in their design for a nose.

I have some questions;

- I like the tail section and I vaguely remember seeing it before. Maybe another paint you did?
I wanted a blue tail for the new paint scheme and making it run through the fuselage in a triangular shape is a good idea.

- The text on the vertical stab, is the font open-source? Jesco suggested we should use open-source fonts for the new default paint. (And I agree).
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Today, 21:57
The tail design over the fuselage is influenced by the easyjet livery and the new lufthansa livery, which might be where you’ve seen such a thing before. I also like this tail design, I tried quite a few and I prefer this to the 737 livery that I did, where just the tail is coloured.

The font is the old air child font that’s included in the paintkit, and therefore not open source. However once we’ve decided on new fonts to replace the current ones, I’d be happy to update the livery.

I intended to use the children’s drawings as “special edition” liveries, and of course we could work in different sized drawings where necessary. Flybe in real life have done this on one of their planes (I think it’s called “Kids and Teens”, on one of their E195s).
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