XACARS failing after sending pirep

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Today, 02:48
After ending the flight and sending the pirep, XACARS shows a window "#0 sent succesfully, YES or NO" or something like that. If I press either one X-PLane freezes. Of course the flight has ended but I have to kill X-plane using task manager. Or I can choose not to press either one, but just close X-plane normally.

Just a question, is this normal for XACARS?
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Today, 02:48
Last couple of flights I have not dared to press either YES or NO. So I have just quit the XP.

XACARS has couple of choices when you have finished the flight which baffles me. It shows View Pirep and Load Pirep. I have always chosen View and from there Send Pirep. I wonder what the Load would do? Same as Send in the next screen? Why different terms if same?

Christopher Bennett

Beta Team
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Today, 03:48
After clicking view pirep it gives you the option to send or save if you decide to save the pirep it will create a file which you can then load and submit at a later time.
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