METAR / TAF not available?

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Today, 09:58
Hi guys,

I'm pretty new here (less than a week) and with a little help from Chris I managed to get my accounts working and even did couple of flights.
What I noticed in flight briefing - METAR / TAF data is not available.

Is this a known problem?
Searching forum I've found some old posts where things were working at that time.

Missing weather info. isn't a showstopper for me - I can get that info from other locations ..
I was just curious if you know about it and if it is planned to be fixed in the future .. :)

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Christopher Bennett

Beta Team
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Today, 08:58
Hey Vladimir,

Yeah it's a known issue on the Todo list to fix but with a rather low priority.

Currently we are making the code confirm to PHP7 standards.
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Today, 09:58
OK, don't worry.
Thanks for confirmation ... initially I thought I have something wrong in my setup ..
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