XAcars and diversions

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Today, 21:09
Due to RL interference I had to divert on my EGLL-EFHK flight to ESMS. Pirep now shows correct flight time, but distance is incorrect. Should I do something in XAcars when closing the flight?

And regarding the flight route, when booking the flight, it says the route is optional. Is the route used for anything?

Christopher Bennett

Beta Team
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Today, 22:09
Hello Lauri,

I have changed the mileage and destination ICAO for the flight - as far as I know, you can't edit this data in XACARS - please let me know if anything else is erroneous.

Regarding the route that it tells you when booking - you don't have to enter one it is simply used to show the planned route on the live ACARS map.
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