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French Guiana was originally inhabited by a number of indigenous American people. It was settled by the French during the 17th century. After the Treaty of Paris in 1763, Louis XV sent 12,000 settlers to French Guiana to colonise the region. One and a half years later only a few hundred survived. Its infamous Île du Diable (Devil's Island) was the site of penal settlements from 1852 until 1951. More than 70,000 French convicts were deported to French Guiana between 1852 and 1939.

In 1809, a Portuguese-British naval squadron took French Guiana for the Portuguese Empire. With the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1814 the region was handed back to the French, though a Portuguese presence remained until 1817.

A border dispute with Brazil arose in the late 19th century over a vast area of jungle, leading to the short-lived pro-French independent state of Counani in the disputed territory and some fighting between settlers, before the dispute was resolved largely in favour of Brazil by the arbitration of the Swiss government.

In 1946, French Guiana became an overseas department of France.

Tomorrow (14) at 1930Z begin next phase of our journey.
Codename "South America" :)

Saying goodbye to the Caribbean ( :'( ), we leave Saint Lucia (TLPL) heading Cayenne Rochambeau Airport (SOCA)

Route (745Nm):
Alternate: Paramaribo (SMJP) - 174Nm
(in the case of a forced diversion to Brazil, the unicom frq - 123.450)

Charts TLPL: reference = leg XI
Charts SOCA: (select overseas)

Freeware Flightsim:
Pay simMarket from DREECS:

Onboard entertaiment:
..and special one for Arek's landing style: :rofl:

As frequently repeated - You can join us at any stage ;)
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Today, 17:46
A superb flight and landing in a beautiful place. Thanks gentlemen for the flight, and now I'm awaiting the next one.
And for all the absent, I have some pics. I wish you were here. Have a look - four views on the apron: ACH - priceless.


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Due to busy time before Xmas, the ACH Flying Club takes a week break, and there will be no flight on Tuesday 21 December. We will take off from SOCA next Tuesday, on December 28.

In the meantime do the shopping, decorate your trees, and enjoy Xmass!

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